6 Things You'll Be Eating in 2017


It seems clothes and haircuts aren't eh only thing that go out of style. The year was filled with food trends that will start to simmer come 2017, including rainbow bagels, quinoa and sushi burritos. But don't worry - there are some interesting food trends to keep you occupied in 2017. Here are six foods you'll likely be eating next year.

3. Chicken

A lot of the new items on restaurant menus will have something in common in 2017: chicken.

The top 250 restaurant chains added some 325 new chicken items during the 12 months ended June 30, according to research from Technomic, For comparison, only 73 new beef items were added in the same period.

Chicken's popularity is expected to grow in the New Year, reflecting consumer cravings for healthier, high-protein meat - not to mention a decade of high beef prices, whichmade chicken more appetizing for companies' bottom lines.

And since chicken can be healthy or indulgent, it can please a wide spectrum of diners, Kalinowski said.

Expect Chick-fil-A to continue its reign in the fast food sector as chains like Burger King jockey for position behind it. On the fast casual side, PDQ and Raising Cane's are restaurants to watch for menu innovations.

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