Buffy the Sauce Slayer

Flavor & The Menu

The tangy heat of Buffalo sauce has cross-generational appeal—it's both familiar and on-trend at the same time. Combine it with its partner flavor of blue cheese, and its a sure-fire hit. The Buffy Bleu Fried Chicken Sandwich at PDQ, a fast-casual chicken concept, taps into this winning flavor profile in a different format, combining chicken tenders with lettuce and Buffalo Bleu sauce, served on a toasted brioche bun.

"At PDQ, we are proud of all of our homemade sauces and dressings, which our team members make from scratch every day in our restaurants," says Michael Bannock, Executive Chef. "These provide an opportunity for different flavor profiles that enhance many options on our menu. Our wildly popular Buffy Bleu chicken sandwich is a perfect example of this."

This fan favorite features two hand-breaded crispy chicken tenders dunked in homemade Buffalo Bleu sauce —a smooth and tangy creation with a spicy finish featuring real blue cheese chunks and Buffalo sauce. "Our guests love the flavor profile of this sandwich, which combines just the right amount of heat offset by the cool blue cheese," says Bannock. "Extra napkins are highly recommended for this saucychicken-sandwich masterpiece, which consistently ranks among the most ordered items on our menu."

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