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Try our Mix and Match Deal for a Limited Time

Mix-and-Match Family Deal

With our new Mix-and-Match deal, it's always family meal. Satisfy everyone's taste buds with this special offer on your PDQ favorites for a limited time.

After 4 PM, create your own Family Meal for three for just $34.99* or add a fourth for $45.99**.

* $36.99 at South Florida, New Jersey and New York locations
** $47.99 at South Florida, New Jersey and New York locations

This offer is valid on dine-in, drive-thru and takeout orders only.

Mix-and-Match Menu

Choose 3 original entrées:
- 1 Original Chicken Sandwich a la Carte (Crispy Deluxe, Spicy Deluxe, or Grilled)
- 4 Piece Tenders or 12 Piece Nuggets (Classic, Grilled or Spicy)
- 1 Salad (PDQ, Spicy, or Mediterranean)

Choose 3 regular sides:
- Waffle Fries
- Parmesan Broccoli
- Mac and Cheese
- Zucchini Fries*

Choose 3 regular beverages:
- Coca-Cola products
- Iced Tea
- Bottled Water
- Lemonade*

Menu items included in this deal may vary by location, so check your local store for the latest offerings. No other items can be substituted. *Item excluded from the Mix-and-Match Menu at NY/NJ locations.

It is not available online through the MyPDQ app or at Order.eatPDQ.com. This deal is also not available for third party delivery, or at the PDQ Test Kitchen, airport, arena or stadium locations.