A Perfect Match: PDQ and 4Rivers

Sep 15
Floridians love their PDQ chicken and they love their 4Rivers BBQ too. So it was only natural to team up to give them the sandwich of their dreams.

PDQ hosted a media launch party to introduce the new 4 Rivers Smokehouse Sandwich. We invited local media writers and bloggers who were more than enthusiastic about getting the first taste of the new sandwich, which made for a delicious headline.

We also invited WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil, who entertained everyone with his comical “Chef-For-A-Day” antics, assembling his own version of the sandwich. Everyone got a good laugh and his sandwich turned out pretty good, but it’s safe to say he won’t be quitting his day job any time soon.

The new sandwich features crispy chicken dipped in a blend of 4 Rivers spices, cherry-smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and an avocado-herb sauce. These savory flavors aren’t the only reason this sandwich is a must-grab. Through October 31, PDQ is donating $1 from each sandwich sale to the 4R Foundation. Talk about feel-good food!

Launch party guests got to meet PDQ founder Nick Reader, and 4Rivers chef-owner John Rivers who talked about the inspiration for the partnership. After a round of introductions and photo ops, we rolled out the new sandwich and everyone happily dug in.

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