Clermont Grand Opening

PDQ Clermont Will Wait In Line For Chicken Tenders

May 12
Tender Lovers have taken over Clermont! Guests came out bright and early to celebrate the PDQ Clermont Grand Opening on Sunday, May 7th. Local resident Catherine Terrell started the lineup, followed by Ray Nivarel, Melissa Nivarel, and Troy Warner all before 4:00am in front of the restaurant!

The party didn't stop there. Our friends at Joffrey's and Donut King came out bright and early to celebrate with us, and to serve up some fresh coffee and delicious Chicken and Waffle donuts specially made with PDQ's honey marinated nuggets.

The excitement continued throughout the day with live music, an interactive chalk wall illustrated by a local artist and the help of our fans, Polaroid pictures, lots of random giveaways and of course delicious PDQ food.

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us in celebrating our Grand Opening. We had such a great time getting to meet all of our new neighbors!