Clearwater YMCA

YMCA Summer Camp Takes a Field Trip to PDQ Clearwater

Jul 17
This past week, the Clearwater PDQ team hosted a Fresh Tour for local YMCA Summer Campers. Our Clearwater team supplies lunch every week for the local YMCA summer camp, so they decided to see for themselves what makes PDQ so delicious.

Buses loaded with campers headed to see PDQ Clearwater's Team Members in action. As soon as they arrived, the campers were led through the restaurant to the kitchen and prep areas on an exclusive behind-the-scenes PDQ Fresh Tour.

Campers were able to see first-hand everything that makes PDQ food just, better. This included a tour through the walk-in, where all the fresh produce is stored, as well as a behind the scenes look at Team Members hand breading tenders, slicing fresh avocados, and portioning homemade sauces.

After working up an appetite, the campers were able to hand-spin their own milkshakes and enjoy a delicious boxed lunch to enjoy on their way back to the YMCA Camp. They returned feeling full with crave-worthy PDQ fan favorites.