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PDQ Bradenton Rocks!

Aug 20
Our PDQ Bradenton crew is all about spreading kindness in their community. As part of the Kindness Project, our Team Members along with local PDQ guests are teaming up to promote kindness across the Lakewood Ranch community.

The Kindness Project, in which people decorate rocks and leave them in random places for others to find, is spreading across many counties in West Florida as a way to promote kindness within all communities.

Our Team Members are even joining in on the fun. Each PDQ Bradenton Team Member has created a PDQ rock good for a Free Meal at the restaurant, with the hopes that a lucky member of the community will find it and bring it to the restaurant.

Keep an eye out for the 33 rocks PDQ has hidden throughout the Lakewood Ranch community. If you find one of the special PDQ rocks, bring it in to our PDQ Bradenton location for one Free Combo Meal, then re-hide the rock for someone else to find.