Unveil the Best Chicken Tenders in Florida

Welcome to the amazing universe of chicken tenders! If you are looking for the best chicken tenders in Florida and it has led you here, you're in the right coop! Allow us, PDQ, to strut our stuff and show you the pecking order in the world of fast-casual chicken.


The Quest for the Perfect Chicken Tenders

Who doesn't love a tasty chicken tender? There's something common about these golden crispy snacks, from sticky-fingered kids to grownups playing 'stay away’. They transport us back to a simpler period when happiness was a toy stuff. But let's face it: not all tenders are made equal. That's where we come in, with a chicken addiction that makes a rooster's crow seem like a chirp!

The PDQ Experience: Best Chicken Tenders in the World

When you step into a PDQ location, you're not just walking into a fast-casual restaurant, you're entering a kingdom where chicken reigns supreme. At PDQ, we roll out the red carpet for our poultry princes and princesses. We pamper our chickens, marinating the tenderloins and breasts in buttermilk until they're as soft and juicy as a Florida orange in peak season.

And what about the breading? This is where the magic happens! You wonder why? Because each piece of chicken is double-dipped in our secret breading mix—a crispy alchemy that's akin to the Colonel's secret spices or the Coca-Cola formula. When you bite into the chicken, your tongue will be curled into the crispy skin and succulent chicken. This will make your mouth water.

And for those who crave a spicy kick, PDQ proudly offers our tantalizing spicy tender chicken option. We understand that some of our guests prefer their chicken with a fiery twist, and we deliver just that. Our spicy tender chicken is prepared with a special blend of spices and seasonings that pack a punch of heat without overpowering the natural flavors of the chicken. Each tender is coated in a zesty breading that adds an extra layer of crunch and spice. With each bite, you'll experience a harmonious balance of heat and flavor, taking your taste buds on an exciting culinary adventure. Whether you're a spice enthusiast or simply looking to add a little excitement to your meal, our spicy tender chicken is the perfect choice.


What else? PDQ offers grilled chicken tenders for people who prefer a leaner choice. These tenders, seared to perfection on a sizzling hot grill, are a lighter but as delectable option. Each piece of chicken, lovingly seasoned with our unique blend of herbs and spices, is grilled to juicy perfection. It's a healthy option that doesn't sacrifice flavor. Indeed, the grilled chicken tenders dance a delectable tango on your taste that rivals the crispy ones. Whether you want crispy chicken or grilled chicken, PDQ has your chicken desires met.

But we don't stop at chicken. We have a spread of signature sauces that would make even a jaded food critic tip their hat in respect. Dipping our tenders into these sauces is a rite of passage, a symphony of flavors that harmonize beautifully in your mouth.

But wait, there's more! The PDQ experience isn't just about great food. It's about feeling welcome, it's about fast service, it's about the smile that greets you when you walk in. It's about the crackle of energy in the air, the cleanliness of the tables, and the overall ambiance that makes you feel like you're home—if your home happens to whip up the best chicken tenders in Florida!

PDQ's Legacy of Excellence

Our journey wasn't always smooth. We've had to navigate some chicken scratches along the way. But we've remained dedicated to quality, driven by the love we have for our product, and the satisfaction of our guests. This commission hasn't gone unnoticed. 

Our goal is simple: to serve the best chicken tenders in Florida and to make every PDQ visit an unforgettable experience. Our fans aren't just loyal; they're devotees. It's the crunch of the first bite of our chicken tenders! The clucks of approval we get from our happy guests tell us we're on the right track.

Elevate Your Taste Buds

Biting into a chicken tender is an exciting experience. It's more than simply a bite of food; it's an experience. And if you've been following along, you've undoubtedly realized that we're not talking about just any chicken tenders; we're talking about the greatest chicken tenders in Florida - ours!


At PDQ, we believe in three simple things: quality, flavor, and a healthy dose of fun. We treat our chicken tenders like little food queens. They receive the royal treatment, beginning with a delicious buttermilk bath and ending with a generous dusting of our top-secret breading, followed by a gentle sizzle in the fryer until they reach peak goldenness. Then a dish of crispy, juicy, finger-licking tenders appeared that was worth traveling across the country or, at least, Florida for!

Ooh you seem like a craving, right?

Get ready everyone, it's time to get excited! Your search for the best chicken tenders stops here at PDQ. Hurry over to the PDQ closest to you, and prepare your taste buds to be lifted to new heights as they meet our delightful chicken tenders. We're not just offering you the best chicken tenders in Florida, we're serving up a dining experience that'll be hard to forget.


Join us in the celebration of all things tender, juicy, and deliciously chicken! No matter if you're a Floridian or a visitor exploring our beautiful state. At PDQ, you're always family. So come on in, grab a seat, and let PDQ serve you the best chicken tenders in Florida– the ones that'll make your palate do the happy chicken dance!