Gather and Enjoy Chicken Tender Family Meal At PDQ

The landscape of family dining has changed over the years, but the essence of sharing a meal with your loved ones remains timeless. PDQ takes this experience to the next level by offering a family dining experience focused on our famous chicken tenders. So why not turn your next family dinner into a PDQ night?

Why You Should Gather and Enjoy Chicken Tender Family Meal at PDQ

You should gather and enjoy a Chicken Tender Family Meal at PDQ for many reasons.

PDQ's Chicken Tenders Make the Perfect Family Meal

PDQ offers a tasty chicken tender family meal, perfect for families who love chicken tenders. It's more than just a snack; it's a meal that brings everyone together. You can easily feed a family of four with PDQ's Chicken Tenders, available for online, To-Go or drive-thru orders.

PDQ's Chicken Tenders Make the Perfect Chicken Tender Family Meal

At PDQ, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality tenderloins, utterly free from additional hormones or steroids. Enjoy a satisfying family chicken tender meal with our delicious hand-breaded chicken tenders. You will receive crispy waffle fries with a fluffy inside, your choice of a refreshing tea or soft drink, and a variety of signature sauces for dipping or drizzling. Choose from options like PDQ Sauce, honey mustard, ranch, buffalo bleu, sweet sriracha, creamy garlic or honey barbecue sauce to enhance your meal.

PDQ's commitment to quality ingredients

PDQ prioritizes quality by using fresh, never-frozen ingredients for our chicken tenders. They are hand-breaded, made-to-order, and free from added hormones or steroids. PDQ aims to provide fast food that you can feel good about. Our dedication to quality ingredients is evident in the taste of the food. When you choose PDQ, you're getting a meal prepared with care and attention to detail.

What's in PDQ's Family Meal Deal?

Side dishes

Our Family Meal Deal goes beyond just chicken tenders. We offer a range of sides, from healthy salads to comfort-food classics, and a selection of sauces that perfectly complement the flavor of our chicken. The Family Meal includes:

  • 16 of PDQ's famous hand-breaded chicken tenders: crispy, grilled, or spicy.

You also have the choice to opt for:

  • 32 of PDQ’s premium all-white meat nuggets, either crispy, grilled, or spicy.

The meal also comes with your choice of PDQ's signature sauces, a shareable salad with dressings, and two family-size orders of waffle fries. You can also add other sides, drinks, and baked cookies to complete the meal.

PDQ's Signature Cooking Technique

At PDQ, we take the preparation of our chicken tenders seriously. The process begins with quality chicken marinated in a unique blend of spices and buttermilk. This ensures that each tender is flavorful from the inside out. Next, the chicken is hand-breaded to create a crispy yet tender exterior. The final step is frying the tenders to golden perfection. It's a thorough and considered process to deliver a consistently delicious experience in every bite.

The Secret Sauce

Our sauces are a crucial part of PDQ, with various options to elevate your experience. We've got you covered whether you like sweet, smoky, or spicy flavors. Each sauce is carefully crafted to complement our delicious chicken tenders, transforming a good meal into a great one. We encourage you to try different combinations and find your favorite, with the assurance that every sauce has been expertly crafted to make your PDQ meal memorable.

The Ease of Ordering and Serving Chicken Tender Family Meal

The Ease of Ordering and Serving Chicken Tender Family Meal

Simplicity in Ordering: Tailored to Your Convenience

When you're feeling hungry, time is of the essence. At PDQ, we understand this and have made ordering your chicken tender family meal quick and easy. Our website and MyPDQ mobile app offer a user-friendly interface with clear menu options and customizable choices. If you prefer to order in person, our well-trained staff is always ready to assist you efficiently and accurately. You can enjoy your meal in our comfortable ambiance, grab a quick takeout, or opt for our reliable delivery service and enjoy your meal from the comfort of your home. PDQ guarantees a hassle-free and straightforward ordering experience every time, no matter your preference.

Hassle-Free Serving: From Our Kitchen to Your Table

  • Carefully Packaged: Meals are securely wrapped to maintain freshness and prevent spillage.

  • Well-Organized Components: Each part of the Family Meal Deal has its designated spot in the packaging, taking the guesswork out of serving.

  • Ready to Serve: Lay the food on the table and dive into the deliciousness.

  • Focus on Togetherness: With all culinary details handled by PDQ, mealtime becomes an occasion for family bonding rather than a stressful event.

By focusing on ease and convenience in ordering and serving, PDQ makes enjoying a family meal as simple as possible.


At PDQ, we're committed to delivering more than just a meal. We offer an experience that brings families closer, centered around a dish that everyone loves. Why settle for the usual when you can elevate your next family gathering with PDQ's Chicken Tender Family Meal? Head over to our PDQ website now and place your order online.