Make Fundraising Fun and Flavorful with PDQ Fundraising Program

At PDQ, we extend our dedication to quality beyond serving delectable food; we extend it to uplifting our community with the PDQ Fundraising Program. Our initiative aims to empower local communities, reinforcing the belief that quality starts with people and extends into our neighborhoods.

How It Works

The PDQ Fundraising Program offers an incredible and straightforward opportunity for organizations to raise funds while delivering immense value to their members. The process is as simple as acquiring the PDQ Fundraising Cards, a tremendous value for just $10, at a discounted rate of $4 and reselling them at $7 or $8 per card. The funds collected contribute directly to your organization, aiding in its growth and mission.

Flexibility and Scalability for All

What's unique about this program is its flexibility and scalability. Whether you're a small local group or a large charity, the PDQ Fundraising Program is designed to cater to your needs. The success stories range from raising a modest amount to propel a school project to gathering substantial funds for a larger cause. The potential for growth is only limited by your community's dedication and involvement.

Delicious Food and Long-lasting Value


PDQ Fundraising Cards are an asset not just for their monetary value, but also for the delicious food they guarantee at any PDQ outlet. They are a promise of a scrumptious meal, a break from the routine, and a commitment to support our community's growth.

Besides, the cards do not expire and retain their value, making them an attractive option for a gift or personal use. They are valid at all PDQ locations, thus ensuring maximum reach and convenience.

Let's Uplift Our Community

Engaging with the PDQ Fundraising Program is also an opportunity to align with PDQ's community service initiatives. The program's core values resonate with PDQ's commitment to giving back to the community, encouraging collective success, and being good neighbors.

Join us in the PDQ Fundraising Program and transform our mutual dedication to quality into community growth. Let's uplift our community, one delicious meal at a time. If you’re interested in learning more about PDQ Fundraising cards, contact your local PDQ.