PDQ Spirit Fundraising Events: Igniting Community Spirit and Fueling Positive Change

We differentiate ourselves through delicious, unique food offerings like hand-breaded chicken tenders, made-to-order sandwiches, fresh salads, signature sauces, and hand-spun shakes. We guarantee the quality and taste of its food, offering the flexibility for customers to customize their meals as they desire.

Beyond our commitment to quality food, we also contribute our time and resources to local communities. We embrace the belief that when one member succeeds, the entire community benefits. Our mission revolves around recognizing, celebrating, and empowering individuals who, like the company, are dedicated to quality.

Join PDQ in Celebrating Community Partners with Spirit Fundraising Events

Embarking on a mission to transform 'Just Made, Better' from a mere slogan to a community reality, PDQ proudly presents Spirit Fundraising Events. These events go beyond the boundaries of delicious food, weaving a strong fabric of community involvement, recognition, and support.

celebrating community partners with spirit fundraising events

During Spirit Fundraising Events, we work with community partners to give back and support their efforts to help others. Their dedication fuels our inspiration and drives our commitment to celebrating and supporting these groups.

PDQ Spirit Fundraising Events act as vibrant platforms that support a myriad of charities, schools, and sports teams. Our dynamic initiatives encompass Spirit Fundraising Events, community engagement, and the promotion of PDQ Fundraising Cards. We invite you to join us in creating a powerful ripple of change in our community.

Fueling Positive Change with Spirit Fundraising Events

Across the country, every PDQ restaurant joins this noble cause, organizing events that directly benefit local organizations. Our philosophy is simple; we aim to enrich the communities that have enriched us, making them even better. We are not only People Dedicated to Quality, but also People Dedicated to Community.

We've contributed nearly $6 million in funds and in-kind donations since PDQ's inception. Through Spirit Fundraising Events, we shine a spotlight on our contributions to impactful charities like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Best Buddies, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many more.

We view our community as more than just a geographical locale - it's our home, it's where our guests belong, and it's the heart of our operations. Our Spirit Fundraising Events are a testament to this belief, uniting us as a family under the PDQ umbrella.

Join Us in Igniting the Spirit of Community

If you’re interested in a spirit fundraising event, request a Spirit Fundraising Event at your local PDQ here. Let's come together to ignite the spirit of community and fuel positive change. 

Together, let's ignite the spirit of community and fuel positive change. Keep an eye on our social media platforms or visit our website at eatPDQ.com for updates on the next event. We look forward to welcoming you!