What does PDQ stand for? People Dedicated to Quality.

From our amazing guests to our dedicated staff—people come first.

You’ll see why the minute you walk in and are greeted with a smile at the counter or a real-person at the drive-through (no machines here) – just real people making real food. And when it’s ready (in just a few fresh minutes), we’ll call your name.  At your cozy booths or the counter, we’ll check in on you, too. Sorry if we get chatty. We like people.

Because we are People Dedicated to Quality, our hospitality and food are Just Made, Better. This is our promise to our guests and a daily reminder to ourselves. Just Made, Better is our rallying cry, our soul, and what we deliver every day through our food, our people, our restaurants, and to our local communities.

Crispy Chicken Salad

Better is what we make.

Girl Smiling with Her PDQ Shake

The Perfect Dining Experience.