When we say we’re People Dedicated to Quality, we mean it. And that dedication can be found in every detail of every bite you eat. It’s evident in the details of the ingredients we bring into our kitchen, in the details of how we prepare our food, and in the details of the every tiny choice we make along the way.

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Partners in Quality

Featured Partner: Grillo's Pickles

We put care and commitment into sourcing our ingredients and choosing our partners. We’ve searched far and wide to find like-minded purveyors who hold high standards for quality and attention to detail. Behind every ingredient that goes into our food, there’s a company we’re proud to work with.


These featured PDQ partners show exceptional dedication to quality, and deliver amazing ingredients that make PDQ’s menu items even more delicious.


Tillamook Dairy Farm

Tillamook Dairy Co-op provides PDQ’s cheddar and pepper jack cheeses. Their rich, creamy, naturally-aged cheeses contain no added hormones or steroids.

Grillo's Pickles

Grillo’s Pickles

Grillo’s Pickles provides PDQ’s Italian Dill and Bread & Butter pickle chips. Their crisp, crunchy, all-natural pickles are made with seven simple ingredients from a century-old family recipe.

Turano Bakery

Turano Bakery

Turano Bakery provides PDQ’s brioche-style buns for our awesome sandwiches. Their fresh, artisan buns provide the perfectly soft, buttery texture that improves every single bite.


Southeastern Mills

Southeastern Mills provides the one-of-a-kind breading PDQ uses to hand-bread our tenders, nuggets, zucchini fries, and more.


Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Co

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co provides PDQ’s coffee and iced teas that our team members brew regularly throughout the day, every day.


Christie Cookie Co

Christie Cookie Co provides PDQ’s cookie dough, which we bake fresh daily in every one of our restaurants. Our chewy, gooey cookies are made with all-natural, premium ingredients.

Hunter Farms Logo

Hunter Farms

Hunter Farms provides the natural vanilla ice cream we use to create PDQ’s delicious hand-spun milkshakes.


Pederson's Natural Farms

Pederson’s Natural Farms provides PDQ’s amazing, mouth-watering bacon. It’s all-natural, uncured, center-cut and smoked with cherry wood.

Turano Bakery

Grillo's Pickles


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