Bring on the Buffy. Buffy Bleu Sandwich. Buffy Bleu Tossed Tenders

Bring on the Buffy

It's time to turn up the heat!

Our fan favorites, the Buffy Bleu Sandwich: two hand-breaded crispy tenders tossed in Buffy Bleu sauce on a toasted brioche bun - and Buffy Bleu Tossed Tenders: fresh, crispy tenders tossed in our Buffy Bleu sauce - are just the thing if your tastebuds are craving a lot of flavor but not a lot of heat. 

Our signature sauce, Buffy Bleu, is smooth and tangy with a spicy finish: the perfect amount of kick with a refreshing cool-down from the bleu cheese chunks. 

Grab our Buffy Bleu Sandwich and Buffy Bleu tossed tenders today at your local PDQ.

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