Hot Hot Honey Butter Sandwich and Fries. Hot Hot Honey Butter Sandwich 5.49 and 8.49 meal. Hot-Lapeno Waffle Fries 3.99 or 1.99 with meal. Topped with our new spicy honey butter and covered in candied jalapeno peppers, this meal bites back

Hot! Hot! Honey Butter and Hot-LapeƱo Fries

It's getting Hot in here!

Our new Hot Hot Honey Butter chicken sandwich and Hot-Lapeño Fries will heat you up at PDQ. Topped with our honey butter, seasoned with our fiery dry rub and covered in candied jalapeño peppers, this meal bites back!

This hot new sandwich and fries are available for a limited time only starting Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Available at all locations except airport, arena and stadium locations.

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