Missed MyPDQ Points?

Frequently Asked Questions About MyPDQ Points 

How can I receive MyPDQ Points for my purchase if I forgot to check-in or sign-in before ordering online?

If you forgot to get your MyPDQ Points QR code scanned, provide your Check-In Code, log-in while placing a website order or encountered an issue, you can request credit for the missing transaction MyPDQ points. This is not intended as the primary method of receiving MyPDQ Points and only supports one transaction per submission, per day, per MyPDQ Points account.

How do I submit a missed MyPDQ Points request?

You will be required to provide the following information to complete the submission. Note: you can only submit a missing transaction request within 30 days of the date on your receipt. The following fields are required to request missing credit for a transaction: Email address, phone number, or MyPDQ Points Account number (please use the email address or phone you used when creating your MyPDQ account) Restaurant location/number Date of transaction Order number (Typically a 7 digit number) Check Order Subtotal If your request is successful, MyPDQ points will be awarded based on your check subtotal, prior to tax, minus discounts or delivery fees.

Why are you asking for my Check Subtotal and not the Order Total?

We're not able to award MyPDQ Points on discounts received, purchases of gift cards, taxes, or delivery fees. So the MyPDQ Points you earn may be a little different then the receipt total.

When will I receive my MyPDQ Points after submitting a missed Point transaction request?

If your missed transaction request is approved, MyPDQ points will be added to your MyPDQ Points account within 72 hours.

What if I don’t have my receipt?

If you no longer have your receipt or are unable to read your read it, we will not be able to provide MyPDQ Points credit for a missed transaction.

How many times can I submit a missed MyPDQ Points request?

Approved requests apply to a limited number of transactions per MyPDQ Points account to make sure you get your MyPDQ Points! For security purposes, we are unable to publish the number of missed MyPDQ Points requests per MyPDQ account. If you exceed the maximum number of transaction requests, you will encounter an MyPDQ account error.

Can I submit a missed MyPDQ Points request to earn MyPDQ points for an order placed through a third-party delivery partner?

Orders made directly through third-party food delivery platforms (e.g. DoorDash, Postmates) are not eligible to earn MyPDQ points as a missed Point request. Our system is unable to process transactions placed outside of our platforms for MyPDQ Points.

Missed Points Check Image highlight where to look for the location name, number, date and sub total as an example.

Missing MyPQD Points Form

Fill out the form below if you forgot to use your app and need to get credit for your MyPDQ loyalty points.

12 digit number starting with "5", found on the top left hand side of the MyPDQ Rewards App screen or MyPDQ site
enter the email address associated with your account
enter the phone number associated with your account
(Typically a 7 digit number )

MyPDQ Points Terms and Conditions

View terms and conditions here.